Generally, business advisers are not always trained to treat technological problems, such as a computer program. This assistance can provide it the same consulting unit if the company is large or companies specializing in computer designs (Software).

The consultant, as a promoter of change, can take two basic functions: Resource Consultant (Analyst): This type of consultant provides information and services, recommending a prior action program collects data and internal company shares. The success of their work depends on the specific diagnosis of the needs and expertise of the consultant to provide adequate information or provide the service appropriate in each case.

Process Consultant (Management Consultant): in this case, the consultant, promoter and teacher as change comes to helping the organization become aware of organic making processes, their likely consequences and techniques to achieve effective change. Unlike the analyst who is primarily concerned with transmitting knowledge and problem solving, management consultant discloses its approach, methods and values so that together with the organization are implemented and executed new working methodologies and initiate and the change.

Consequently, from the moment the work done are not practical and theoretical, since from the Director, staff and consultant involved in the evolution and new dimensioning of the company. In modern consulting the two functions are complementary. The consultants help solve problems for other people and organizations.

Therefore, there are two main aspects in any relationship outside consulting: The analysis and problem solving. These two aspects are interrelated and if the consultant-client relationship is not well understood by both parties, no matter how good the technical criteria that the proposed solution to a given problem is based, does not reach practical results. In the history of consulting thousands of cases closed which caused great confusion in the client organization that the complementary roles of the consultant and the client had not been defined or because relations between the two were deformed in the course of the consultancy known. When starting a task is necessary to dispel the uncertainty and speculation that the purpose of the presence of the consultant raises in the usa metalica pret business.

This is important in many consulting assignments, both the consultant and the client should pay particular attention to such tasks. The consultant before accepting the task, you must be sure you can solve the problem definition and its implementation. Except for the simplest and clearest cases, the consultant wants to reach their own solution on the nature of the problem and the difficulties its possible solution by studying the company.